Product And Services - Thailand

Product And Services - Thailand

The Thailand Futures Exchange Plc (TFEX)

HISTORY | The Thailand Futures Exchange Plc (TFEX), a subsidiary of The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), was established on 17 May 2004 as a derivatives exchange. The TFEX is under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

MARKET POSITION | The TFEX was established to act as an exchange for the trading of derivatives, which offer products for effective hedging. It is currently one of the fastest growing derivatives exchange in South-East Asia. TFEX offers market participants a high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive range of services, including an order entry facility, a matching system and market dissemination system via a reliable electronic trading platform.

TFEX is one of the highest-growth exchanges in South-East Asia with a recorded- volume of 50% growth from the year 2008-2009, mainly from trading in equity index and gold. It also launched interest rate futures in October 2010. The TFEX has a goal to become the leader of the financial derivatives market in Thailand and maintain sustainable growth.