Product And Services - Singapore

Product And Services - Singapore

The Singapore Exchange (SGX)

HISTORY | The Singapore Exchange (SGX) was created on 1 December 1999, following the merger of the Stock Exchange of Singapore and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange, and listed its shares on its own bourse in December 2000. In 2008, SGX further acquired the Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM) to strengthen SGX's variety in listed asset class. SICOM was established in 1992 and its history can be traced back to the 1920s, with a long history in Rubber futures trading.

MARKET POSITION | SGX is the leading IPO base and stock exchange in South-East Asia, and is highly developed in financial derivative products. The SGX trend to link up with exchanges well beyond its shores adds trading volume and value, including CBOT and National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). Its most prevalent traded products are offshore equity index futures, including equity indexes of Japan, Europe, China, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In February 2011, SGX collaborated with LME to launch cash-settled Mini-LME contracts, and expand the comprehensively listed asset class traded in the exchange.

Located between Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore is a regional distribution and trade centre for natural rubber. SICOM is the only futures exchange of natural rubber products in the region; thus its rubber futures price has become a benchmark for local physical trade.