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Company History

In the late 1970s, visionary members of Okachi & Company Limited (Tokyo, Japan), a leading Japanese FCM then and now, foresaw the growing opportunity to develop the commodity futures markets around Asia. They decided that their first step toward this venture would be made in Hong Kong.

During the initial years, Okachi's role in the Hong Kong commodity futures markets was as an international broker who essentially bridged and provided arbitrage trading knowledge and opportunities between Hong Kong and Japanese markets for the investors in these two countries.

Over the decades, the economic prosperity in Hong Kong and the greater region, complemented with the company's diligent and effective efforts, paved the way for Okachi Hong Kong to successfully position itself as one of the prominent intermediaries in the global futures markets.

Despite this success, we continuously focus to enhance customer services and strive to propel it to an even higher level.

With a strategic management of resources, such as our vast experience in the industry and immense expertise amongst a rich pool of staff in the regional network, we believe that our future is dedicated to assisting our clients' aspirations to attain their trading goals.


Okachi Teiichi Trading Company was established in Nagoya, Central Japan as a member of Nagoya Textile Exchange with a total of nine staff.


The company was reformed into Okachi & Co Ltd and ranked number one in trading volume at Nagoya Textile Exchange.


Okachi Securities Co Ltd was formed in Nagoya.


Tokyo branch was established to keep up with the rapid expansion of its business.


Osaka branch was established.


Leisure facility, Bowling Alley Chukyo Centre, was opened.


Mr. Nakamichi Okachi succeeded his father's post and assumed the position of C.E.O. of Okachi group of companies.


Okachi group entered West Germany to commence its leisure business (Bowling Alleys and Restaurants).


Nanmajo Country Club (27 holes golf course) began operations.


Okachi U.S.A. Inc. was set up and became a member of CBOT.


25th Anniversary was commemorated.


Okachi International Co., Ltd. began operations as a floor and clearing member of Hong Kong Commodity Exchange.


Mr. Nakamichi Okachi was selected as a director of Japan FCM Association.


Okachi (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. began its operation.


Okachi (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. acquired membership in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Bhd. (formerly known as KLCE).


Okachi Investments (HK) Co., Ltd. was founded.


Okachi Futures (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. became member of SIMEX and Rubber Association of Singapore.


Obtained a license for the sales of Managed Commodity Futures Fund in Japan.


Okachi group of Hong Kong celebrated its 20th Anniversary.


Mr. Kazumichi Okachi took up the position of the group's C.E.O.
OKACHI FX services was started.


Okachi celebrated its 50th Year Grand Anniversary in Tokyo, Japan


Natural rubber inspection and research business was established under Pacific Research and Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Hatyai, Southern Thailand.


Okachi group's representative office in Shanghai was opened.
Okachi (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. signed an MOU with Alliance Islamic Bank Malaysia Bhd.


Okachi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was formed to commence operations in investment, Import/Export and consultation businesses in China.
Okachi group of companies celebrates its 60th Anniversary.
Mr. Kazumichi Okachi was selected as the president of the Japan Commodity Futures Industry Association (JCFIA).


Okachi celebrated its 65th Year Grand Anniversary.